Project: Thermostat #2 – Now on GitHub

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Well as of right now I’ve just published the current code for my Thermostat project to GitHub ( Pictured above is the current prototype board, obviously far from being ready for use.

There are have been a couple of significant changes since my last update on the project, firstly the biggest change has to be switching from the Arduino Mega2560 board to the new ESP32 board which is not only smaller but packs a lot more punch including on-chip WiFi, Bluetooth Low energy, 2 cores to name but a few. Second not so significant change is the temperature sensor has now changed to a Dallas DS18B20 sensor.

At the moment I have dropped plans to use the MySensors API on this module due to the direct WiFi connectivity, also the relay node will also be changed to use an ESP8266, which also has on-chip WiFi.

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